VoIP, short for voice over internet protocol, is a technology which uses the internet for the transmission of telephone calls. Voice data is sent in packets using IP over SIP. SIP trunks are lines used to make incoming and outgoing calls over an internet connection.  SIP trunks enable an IP PBX to connect to the data network instead of to fixed line and voice traffic travels over the internet. SIP trunks can also be connected to existing PBX hardware using a converter.

Cost Savings

  • Switching to VoIP allows you to eliminate costly fixed line rental charges for good
  • Being a wholesale provider OnVoIP offers excellent rates allowing you to take advantage of lower telecom costs to anywhere in the world
  • Non-geographic international DID’s are available at highly competitive prices
  • OnVoIP Ltd provide unlimited Irish DID’s free of charge


  • VoIP is portable, meaning users don’t have to worry about changing numbers if they move location
  • Numbers can easily be added or removed giving clients an entirely scalable solutions
  • An IP PBX system is not a requirement, users can continue to work with their current hardware using a VoIP converter
  • Organisations can have a virtual presence globally enabling them to do business in any city in the world